Products and Services

Wholesale Broadband

Our wholesale broadband internet connections are delivered over copper or fibre circuits and provide cost effective connections for businesses who don’t rely on superfast download speeds.

We offer unlimited usage to enable easy budgeting and eliminate unexpected over usage costs. An entry level product ADSL broadband offers speeds of up to 24Mpbs download and 8Mbps upload.

Businesses looking for faster speeds for VoIP, streaming and downloading larger files should consider FTTC or FTTP as a super fast alternative. With fibre connectivity providing the core network this service provides an excellent solution for small businesses with higher demands of up to 80Mbps.

Ethernet / Leased Lines

Ethernet circuits provide between 10MB and 10GB with a distance of up to 45km between end points (EAD – Ethernet Access Direct) and up to 10Gb with no limit on distance (OSA – Optical Spectrum Access) which is available across the UK and internationally.

Often used as a generic term to refer to data circuits, Leased Lines can also be used to describe EFM, GEA, EoFTTC and MIA circuits, which deliver Ethernet speeds over standard copper and fibre infrastructure.

Fibre Ethernet products are highly reliable, resilient with Service Level Agreements and typically a 4 hour fix time.

Our team of specialist can advise on the services available to your business and will make recommendations based on our location and future business plans to help you get the right connections for your business.

Managed Networks

Managed Internet Access connections are exclusive to your organisation and provide the same speed in both directions. Similar to leased lines, which provide a connection between two premises, MIA Connections are delivered over Ethernet. MIA is a dedicated connection between your premises and the internet, providing the ideal basis for high grade internet connectivity.

The performance is monitored and managed 24/7, backed by the reassurance of a business class SLAs, means that you don’t have to worry, especially as we offer options to keep you network safe and secure with our robust firewall products.

MPLS & PWAN Networks

A MPLS is often referred to as a PWAN provides a secure, scalable and private network that connects multiple premises and home workers. These solutions create a private cloud with data circuits between each site, connecting each site, but with no internet access.

An MPLS/PWAN, a bit like a giant LAN, connects multiple sites and only allows data traffic to route between these sites. From our core network all the sites access the internet, just like PC’s on a LAN.

Each circuit can use every type of data circuit from an ADSL to Fibre Ethernet and our team of experts have will help you design your network with the right connections for each site, dependant on the usage requirements.

To ensure the on-going benefit of your infrastructure we provide fully managed network connections, firewalls, routers and offer co-location and data centre hosting services in our UK data centres to secure your servers and applications.