Super Fast Gigabit Network “Providing services between 10MB and 10GB with no limit on distance…”

Global Network

With access to datacenters worldwide, we have the expertise
to build secure international

Managed Services

We can provide wires only or
fully managed services
depending on your customers

Gigabit Connectivity

With a multi-gigabit backbone,
we can deliver gigabit ethernet services to your

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team
have access to advanced diagnostics to keep
your service online.

Efar provides business infrastructure solutions that enhance your competitiveness, reduce your costs and strengthen your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees.

There are a number of factors that influence the decision making process when selecting the WAN and Data services on which your business depends, such as network technology, bandwidth, quality of service, resilience, security and disaster recovery etc. But, how do you ensure that you get business class services that embrace all of these factors whilst ensuring you get optimum performance competitively at all times? Traditionally it would take multi disciplines from multi-vendors to effect a solution, at increased cost, with no overall responsibility being borne by any.

Now you can have a dedicated team of specialists uniting these disciplines under a single point of contact with the expert knowledge and experience to implement and manage your requirement however big.