SafeStick® provides mandatory password protection and automatic hardware encryption of all stored data. SafeStick drives are manageable world-wide on an enterprise scale with the lightweight SafeConsole® management software offering full control, remote life-cycle management and device enhancement such as remote password recovery, customised password policy, audit for compliance, portable authentication tokens, productivity tools.

SafeStick USB

SafeStick is a secure USB flash drive that instantly protects all stored data automatically with hardware encryption and a strong password. You plug SafeStick in and set your own password.


SafeStick SuperSonic is the ultra-fast speed edition of the proven SafeStick technology.
SuperSonic shares all the proven security features of the standard edition and is a technological breakthrough that takes USB speed to the max.


SafeConsole enforces full USB management control over an organisation’s SafeStick secure flash drives.

The SafeConsole server software is accessed through a standard Web browser and can optionally reflect the corporate directory or organisational unit structure.


StickApps are a collection of useful Security and Productivity apps - both free and licenced - which can be used on SafeStick™ hardware encrypted USB memory drives.

Via SafeConsole, StickApps can be distributed automatically to all of your SafeStick users quickly and easily giving instant productivity and security gains.

  • The only on-access virus scanner which actively prevents viruses, malware and worms infecting your SafeSticks - no matter if the host PC has anti-virus installed or not. Also detects and prevents keyloggers - useful if using a SafeStick in an un-trusted PC such as a web cafe.

  • Protect yourself - 1-in-4 worms now spread via USB

Totally Free to download and use StickApp include;

  • Skype - "The whole world talks for free!"
  • Opera - small, fast, safe web browser
  • Google Chrome - web browser
  • Sumatra - PDF Reader
  • Pidgin - Instant Messaging
  • Firefox - web browser
  • Abiword - Fully featured Word Processor
  • Gnumeric - Spreadsheet app
  • OpenOffice Suite

  • Automatically and securely stores user credentials, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers and any other Idenity details. The application can then open and log you onto Websites AND Applications automatically, as well as being able to fill in repetitive web based forms – saving end users considerable time.

  • Enables fast, secure, trusted VPN connections and RDP sessions to enhance remote worker productivity by giving them access to the computers they need.

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