Over 25% of all e-mail contains file attachments, many of these are large and they are often confidential. Both the volume of data in the e-mail system and the risks attached to lost data are serious problems for all companies.

Using Cryptshare your staff can very simply and safely exchange files with business partners, customers or even with each other without having to install client software, certificates and also without intervening in the IT infrastructure of your business partners. Cryptshare is not a FTP server nor is it an S-/MIME solution – Cryptshare is a user friendly solution in the form of a specialised web application which has been optimised for this task. (more)


Cryptshare Appliance is a complete pre-installed pre-configured hardware solution for secure data transfer.


Cryptshare Virtual Appliance represents a complete pre-configured virtual machine for safe data transmission. It can run under VMWare ESX 3.5 or VMWare VSphere 4


Creating and maintaining a corporate identity is a continuous and challenging task that creates recognition and signals professionalism.

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