Server Co-Location

Get ultimate performance and flexibility by co-locating your server into one of our fully secure data centers in the UK. We can house your server in a state-of-the-art environment with 24/7 security, so all you have to do is maintain your server.

Ultimate performance
Companies wishing to fully exploit the advantages of the internet must ensure that their servers, especially web servers are located where customers are guaranteed to receive top speed access to their server content.

By locating your servers in our co-location center we can provide you with various levels of co-location environment and managed services to suit your budget. We can provide high speed connections to the internet via our national IP network or a direct connection to your premises.

You will also benefit from our IT investment into the co-location environment without the costs of investing in your own server rooms. We provide full cabinets of space, power to the cabinet, generator backup to ensure your servers remain highly available, air conditioning and fire suppression systems to ensure the server environment is totally resilient.

Key Features of Server Co-location

Direct connection to your network - Your server is located on a dedicated high performance switched 10 or 100Mb Ethernet port, ensuring your customers or employees have high speed access to your server.

Access to Information - You are able to edit and update the information held on your server from your desktop via any internet connection - you have full root access to your servers.

Bandwidth - Your server can have full access to the amount of bandwidth you require. This prevents bottlenecks accumulating when your site is being access by a large number of people at peak times, which can in turn affect the speed at which information is received.

24/7 Support - Our major co-location centers are manned 24x7x365 offering additional services such as remote hands, monitoring, backup and partial cabinet co-location.

Ultimate protection
In the event of a power failure you server is protected through an uninterruptible power supply with further protection via a generator providing power availability for many hours. The location of your server is build above flood level with security personnel and restricted access is permitted only to authorized members of staff.

Flexible upgrades
We are committed to providing the best quality service and should your needs change over time, has a flexible array of upgrade options to ensure that you can be on the leading edge of the internet with the minimum of technical hassles and the best possible value for money.

The Package

Lockable 47 or 24U cabinets for racking your servers

Cabinet power (2kW per cabinet, additional power available at additional charges)

Optional Dual power supply

Optional hands-on services in some manned co-location centers (server monitoring, back-up tape changes)

Internet access from 10Mbps with direct connection to efar´s IP network

Optional 24hr network support and server monitoring

Maximum Flexibility
Because you own the equipment, you are free to upgrade or configure it exactly as you require. There are no restrictions on the software you can run or the operating system used.

Considerable savings
Co–locating allows you to make considerable savings compared to hosting your server at your own site. Even if you do have dedicated access, a co-located server will give you far better response times as it is directly connected to the backbone of our network – providing you with a superb, high capacity, resilient internet connection.


Efar offer one of the few locations for C-locating servers outside London. This is deliberate, we provide all of the facilities that a London Co-lo offer but with the ease of a regional centre so cost and speed of physical access for the customer is significantly reduced. This solid service is ideal for regionally based companies or IT teams. If you have any questions on this, email me on

Matthew Wring, Technical Director

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