Network Interactive Voice Response (N-IVR)

Creating a positive customer calling experience relies on the efficient management of your inbound calls. Network Interactive Voice Response (N-IVR) provides the ideal platform for you to handle incoming calls effectively.

N-IVR enables customers to find the right information from the right person at the first attempt. By choosing from a list of pre-programmed menu options, the call is automatically routed to agents based across multiple locations. This eliminates the need for staff to transfer calls saving time, money and helping to increase customer satisfaction.

Benefiting your business and your customers
N-IVR systems can be used to provide and collect information. Callers can be directed to pre-recorded announcements (e.g. store opening times), or you can allow callers to leave a message during peak periods or when your business is closed.

Voicemail facilities, full administration and call statistics are provided as standard with all our IVR services. By offering flexibility without the need for capital expenditure, we can tailor our solutions to suit both single and multi-site environments.

It´s all in the number
N-IVR is only available for use with an 08 or 09 number. Using 08 or 09 numbers makes it easier for your customers to call you, and the more calls you receive, the more business you can generate. Choosing either an 08 or 09 number gives your business a single point of contact - easy for your customers to remember and simple for you to manage.

Active-View from KC provides you with an online, feature-rich tool for analyzing and managing your inbound call traffic to your 08 and 09 numbers within hours of the calls being made.

The four elements of N–IVR
There are four elements to Network Interactive Voice Response:

Auto Attendant Advanced

Auto Attendant

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Each can be tailored to meet your business´s individual needs.

Auto Attendant Advanced
Improve business productivity by seamlessly redirecting calls at business critical times, so no calls are missed. Calls can be automatically routed to agents based across multiple locations according to the caller´s choice from a menu.

Dynamic routing gives you the flexibility to redirect calls as needed to:

The next available agent

A service announcement


Auto Attendant

Present your callers with a menu and route the call according to their selection

Ideal for routing calls across multiple locations

Simple onward routing to a single destination

Your auto attendant announcements can be recorded and uploaded onto the IVR via the telephone without the need for expensive software.

Interactive Voice Response

Welcome your callers with a professionally recorded message before directing them to a pre-defined number.

Ideal for busy periods or when there is no available call agent - redirecting calls at business critical times, ensuring no calls are missed.

Geographic and Time of Day Routing allows calls to be handled by agents at the most appropriate location, dependent on the area and the time of call.

Standard information requests (such as opening times) can be answered without tying up an agent resource.


Ability to retrieve messages at any time, from any location - improving business productivity by reducing unanswered calls.

Tailored messages can be recorded depending on why the call has been diverted.


As with all our products we have spend significant time testing the solution to ensure that the quality is right and we can guarantee the delivery. Our VoIP solution is one of the most robust in the industry using carrier grade equipment right to your customer provided equipment and not just as the final point of access to the PSTN network. If you have any questions on this, email me on

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