Inbound Call Management

NCR enables businesses to record and play back calls for compliance purposes and training and evaluation.

It enables you to record inbound calls on Number translation Services (such as 03, 08 and 09 numbers) along with inbound and outbound calls on Direct Connect services such as Switch Line.

NCR is:

Secure - access to the online portal requires a username and password to ensure that only authorized people can access the call recordings

Flexible - allows 24/7 access and online administration

Easy-to-use - intuitive and simple search facility provides quick retrieval of the calls that you want to listen to

Scaleable - we have the capacity to match your increasing call recording demands

The customer benefits of NCR:

No Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) required - the call recording functionality is built into the network so as long as you have NTS or Direct Connect services with us you can take advantage of NCR

No capital expenditure necessary–pricing for NCR is based on a set-up fee along with a pence per minute charge

Compliance – some industry regulators such as the FSA recommend call recording as an operational business requirement

Legal – NCR can increase the ability to offer legal protection of both your company and the caller

Dispute-resolution – call recordings can lead to a speedy resolution to issues and disputes that arise due to poor or misleading communication

Improved customer service – listening to the efficiency of your employees during telephone conversations can vastly improve your staff training programs, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction

Improved security – NCR enhances awareness of what is said (both internally by staff and externally by the caller), providing a robust audit trail if needed and admissible court evidence

Advanced functionality

End User Management – select any combination of numbers and their call recordings and assign them to their own named groups to create sub accounts relating to internal departments or end user customers. Those internal departments or end user customers will then have the ability to log on and access the call recordings relating to only those numbers that you have selected

Branding – you can re-brand the call recording website with your own logos and colors

Self provision – you can log on to the website and provision call recording on NTS numbers in near real time


As with all our products we have spend significant time testing the solution to ensure that the quality is right and we can guarantee the delivery. Our VoIP solution is one of the most robust in the industry using carrier grade equipment right to your customer provided equipment and not just as the final point of access to the PSTN network. If you have any questions on this, email me on

Matthew Wring, Technical Director

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