Managed Server Hosting

If you operate websites which receive a high volume of traffic and need a 100% uptime SLA, or you would like to set up your own web hosting business or simply need a test server for a new application, then a Managed Server from us is ideal.

The benefits of Managed over Shared Hosting:

All server resources are available exclusively to your customers´ applications

Customers have the flexibility to install the applications of their choice

No risk of performance issues due to other heavy users on the server

Root access to the server to configure and host your customers´ applications

Host an unlimited number of websites on one server at no extra cost (subject to resource availability)

Top quality hardware housed at one of the UK´s leading hosting centers

Industry-leading servers with 100% uptime´s
Our Managed Servers allow you to benefit from industry-leading hardware, 100% Service Level Agreements and technical expertise that ordinarily most businesses simply could not afford. For mission critical websites, a Managed Server is the ultimate solution. The combination of a Managed Linux or Windows 2003 server coupled with 100% uptime SLA ensures you have an industry-leading solution for your web applications.

Unrivalled availability
Our Managed Servers give you industry-leading availability to ensure you don´t suffer any downtime. Our servers are more highly available because in the event of physical hardware failure, the affected server is immediately restarted on another physical machine.

So rather than your server being unavailable for hours while the hardware is repaired, it will be out of action for just a couple of minutes.

Basing our operations in the UK´s most secure hosting centers gives us unrivalled protection from power failure, physical security and monitoring, theft or flooding and so further increases reliability.

Why choose us for Managed Server Hosting?

We only use branded, enterprise class hardware and our servers are hosted and supported in the UK (24/7/365)

Rapid provisioning - your server can be online and ready for use in as little as 2 hours after payment

Ultimate resilience - in the event of a hardware failure your server will automatically reboot onto another piece of hardware - no manual hardware replacement required

Storage Flexibility - SAN Storage is not constrained by physical disk drive sizes - simply order more disk space whenever it is required

Seamless specification upgrades available

Rollback and reset options - if the worst happens we can restore your server to an earlier point in time

You will have full control over their server including root access for full administrative control

Full Server Control
With our Managed Servers you are in full control, from anywhere in the world and can manage every aspect of their server including:

Performing hardware reboots

Installing software–server resources are available exclusively to you, so you can install whatever applications you choose

´Root´ access to the Server to administer your specific server requirements

Off-site backup
Data backup is a critical consideration for any online business as even the most robust hardware can occasionally fail. That´s why we offer backup as an integral part of most Managed Server packages. If the worst happens, we can ensure you always have comprehensive data to roll back to.

Flexible SAN Storage
Relying on a local disk for storage not only limits capacity but also puts data at risk as it is a potential single point of failure. With our Managed Servers, disk storage is on our enterprise class Storage Area Network (SAN) which means it is not only highly available, but minimizes this risk, facilitates immediate data replacement in the event of a hardware failure (subject to the purchase of backup) and enables additional disk storage to be provided whenever you need it.

Operating Systems
Our Managed Servers give you the flexibility to choose the Windows or Linux operating system that matches their needs and budget.

Windows 2003 Web Edition

Windows 2003 Standard Edition

Linux Red Hat 4


Server hosting is one of those products that everyone offers but you have to look under the skin to see that they are not all the same. We have tried to make ours business effective and to include all the things that we would want from a hosting solution if we were going to the market. It means that we have done the thinking for you and will provide a solid technical solution to support your data requirements. If you have any questions on this, email me on

Matthew Wring, Technical Director

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