Managed Internet Access (MIA)

Efar´s Managed Internet Access service is the gateway to the internet for organizations serious about their internet usage. It provides permanent, dedicated and secure access, with business critical standards of reliability and dedicated customer support.

Why MIA?
MIA is ideal for business customers who require a permanent connection to the internet that is robust, scalable and provides a set of features that will allow you to provide your own server-based services such as email and web content.

Full range of service features
Because Managed Internet Access is designed to meet your business needs, it includes all services needed for a full internet solution, including:

Bandwidths from 64kbps 1Gb

Domain name registration or transfer

IP address allocation

SMTP mail feed and DNS

Email Services

Fully managed and maintained Cisco router

Management Center

Security options tailored to your specific needs

Full technical design and implementation support

24/7 365 customer service support

Optimal asymmetric service

Resilience options to meet your requirements

Bandwidth utilization reports available on demand

Complete reliability
Managed Internet Access is ideal for customers who depend on their connection. Delivered via the largest network in the UK, it offers a high quality, un-contended service.

Expert support
We provide a 24-hour fault reporting service 365 days a year and our regional structure ensures that local engineers and service managers are within easy reach of all locations throughout the UK so you can always call on expert support.

The proliferation of internet service providers means that the marketplace for this type of internet access is intensely competitive and the key buying criteria are price, reliability and support:

Price - Our position in the marketplace enables us to offer highly competitive rates, with 1, 3 or 5 year contract options.

Reliability - With our confidence in our service we provide an SLA of 100% target availability, backed up by service credits.

Support - Our support and customer service capability is set up to resolve all the issues facing businesses like yours and is backed up by a 4 hour fix promise.

Our capability
We have significant internet experience including complex addressing, DNS and internet security. These skills form the basis of consultancy services that are available to customers.

Our complementary skills in web site hosting and web enabled contact centres also provide an excellent basis from which to assist customers with a broad internet solutions portfolio.

Dedicated Internet Access provides business standard internet access with a range of supporting services including email, domain name registration and IP addressing.

Additionally, the service can be provided as part of a fully secure internet solution which is tailored specifically to meet your security requirements.


efar have been providing Managed Internet Access for over 10 years and have a wealth of experience in which scenarios to use them and what does and does not work. We have particular expertise in failover and diverse routing, combining this product with similar lines or DSL options. If you are looking for a robust internet access option with fast response times then this is a simple product to use, just fire and forget. If you have any questions on this, email me on

Matthew Wring, Technical Director

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