Efar´s MPLS IP VPN provides a flexible framework to support your voice and data requirements - all on the same dedicated network infrastructure.

Historically, voice and data applications have generally been managed on separate networks, however, the development of IP has enabled the convergence of disparate networks onto one platform.

Based on Internet Protocol (IP), MPLS IP VPN is a Virtual Private Network service which uses Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to support voice and data applications over a single network infrastructure.


Cost Effective
Through converging your voice and data onto a single network, network management and operating costs associated with running separate voice and data networks are reduced. This also creates the opportunity to minimize the costs associated with high volumes of inter-site telephone calls.

A comprehensive suite of access mechanisms and access speeds means that all of your business sites, regardless of size or location, can be easily integrated into a private network. Different levels of network management are also available to complement your existing in-house capability together with various security and resilience options.

MPLS IP VPN is a scalable solution which means that as your business evolves, IP VPN will develop with you.

New sites can easily be incorporated, without the additional cost of providing separate connections from the new site to all of the existing sites. Instead, underlying IP technology supports any to any connectivity.

This means that once the access circuit is in place, new sites are automatically connected to each and every other site on your network without the inconvenience and cost of upgrading an existing network mesh.

Quality of Service
Traffic prioritization techniques invoked on the customer edge router ensure that Quality of Service (QoS) can be maintained across the network from site to site according to the priority of the application. Using Class of Service (CoS), voice calls will not be delayed by business critical applications such as Citrix or SAP, which in turn can be prioritized over email traffic or file transfer traffic.

Network Management
We´ve made significant investment in network management systems to deliver the ultimate service in terms of proactive management. Our Customer Network Operation Centre (CNOC) acts as a virtual extension of your IT department, providing round the clock pro-active network monitoring, leaving your IT department free to concentrate on their core business activities.

We offer a reporting capability that is second to none to ensure that your network will be constantly monitored and measured. Statistical information will be obtained directly from your network and will be reviewed at regular meetings to ensure you are getting the most from your IP VPN as your needs evolve.

Future Proof
MPLS IP VPN is a future proofed solution that is constantly being developed to provide additional features and benefits to meet your network needs of today and tomorrow.

Class of Service
six differentiated Classes of Service (CoS) mean that real time and delay sensitive traffic can be prioritized according to your individual business requirements.

Service Level Guarantee
the Service Level Guarantee provides guaranteed thresholds for each Class of Service. These thresholds are supported by service credits.

Full range of access options
flexible access options include Ethernet, contended and uncontended ADSL for branch offices and teleworkers and remote dial access for people on the move.

Multiple VPN´s
the ability to establish VPN´s within a single VPN means that sensitive information can be shared securely between relevant sites.

this allows you to provide business partners or your customers with restricted access to specific areas of your VPN so they can join in voice and video conferencing activities and review information together securely.

Efar have been using MPLS since it was brought to the market 6 years ago and now have one of the largest deployments of sites and bandwidth in the UK. We run both voice and data across our links joining them back to our regional data centre in Bristol and breaking traffic out to both the Internet and PSTN through secure gateways. Deploying this sort of solution needs experience and we can support company IT teams both with implementation and on going operations. If you have any questions on this, email me on

Matthew Wring, Technical Director

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