Non Geographic Numbers (08xx..)

The easier it is for you to receive calls, the more business you can generate. We offer a range of 08, 09 and 03 numbers which give you a single point of contact - easy for you to remember and simple for you to manage.

08, 09 and 03 numbers mean that you can benefit from the ability to have free phone, local, national and international numbers. These numbers make them easily accessible, and are ideal for all types and sizes of business.

Professional image increased response
Regardless of where you receive calls from, or how many calls you receive, our high capacity network lets calls be routed to the destination of your choice ensuring all calls can be dealt with professionally.

A choice of number to meet your needs
08, 09 and 03 telephone number provide a professional image and a recognizable identity. We provide a range of non geographic number to suit your requirements.

08 Numbers
08 Numbers give you the ability to have a national identity with an easy to remember number which makes it easier for customer to call.

Our range of 08 number include:

Free phone 080x numbers - you can receive calls at no expense from customers. Research shows customers know calls to 080x numbers are free and there more likely to call. You can also benefit from International Free phone numbers, meaning your customers cal call for free from all over the world

0845 numbers - enables you to receive calls that are charged at lower rates to their customers

*Applies to the majority of popular destinations worldwide (except those countries where a local rate is charged). Please call us for more details.

03 Numbers
We can offer the flexibility of 03 numbers.

What are 03 numbers?
03 numbers have been introduced as an alternative to 08 numbers to improve the trust and confidence in UK phone numbers. Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than calls to national geographic numbers (starting 01 or 02)

03 Numbers

Numbers starting 030 are designed for use only by public bodies and not for profit services

Numbers starting 033 can be used by any organization

Numbers starting 034 and 037 are available to anyone currently using 084 or 087 numbers

09 Numbers
These allow you to provide services and information to customers at a premium. The increased cost of the call should cover the cost of providing the information / service. You can allow businesses to expand their channels to market and assists in reducing the cost per sale.

Who can use 03 numbers?
Benefit from the full suite of routing functionality such as:

Geographical routing – offers a complete geographic routing capability based upon the STD code system

Date of year – allows pre-programmed routing for specific days, separate from the day of the week routing, e.g., bank holidays

Day of week – allows pre-programmed routing based upon the day of the week, with the option of individual days being allocated specific routing plans

Time of day – allows a complete range of time specific routing

Diversion of calls – gives the ability to route calls on an overflow basis if the primary destination is engaged or unanswered

Complete reliability
Reliable, flexible communications are essential - system failures cost time, money and customer loyalty. With this in mind all numbers from us are backed by the infrastructure and support you need to handle your calls - however large your call volume may be.

As with all our products we have spend significant time testing the solution to ensure that the quality is right and we can guarantee the delivery. Our VoIP solution is one of the most robust in the industry using carrier grade equipment right to your customer provided equipment and not just as the final point of access to the PSTN network. If you have any questions on this, email me on

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