Ethernet WANs

Efar´s Ethernet: with the ever increasing demand for cost-effective bandwidth and IP–related services, Ethernet is becoming the first choice for the provision of bandwidth needs. If you want secure, reliable and exclusive services then our Ethernet services are the ideal solution.

Key benefits of Ethernet services

Backed by our Industry leading Service level Guarantee

24 Hour network monitoring and fault detection

A range of bandwidth options, suitable for any business type

Unrivalled availability of service and network

Secure connectivity

Various interface options

All of our Ethernet services are delivered via a dedicated optical fibre connection - providing you with secure, reliable and exclusive service.

Bridging the gap
From a geographic perspective, your Local Area Networks are separate, individual entities. Ethernet links can connect your networks together to allow traffic to pass between sites as if they were based within the same building - with no reduction in performance.

Ethernet connections can be provisioned at a bandwidth suited to meet your current network requirements. As your bandwidth requirements increase in the future, the circuit bandwidth can be increased with little or no disruption to your traffic.

Available bandwidth
Our Ethernet connections offer significant scope and flexibility on bandwidth ranging from 2Mbps up to 1Gbps.

Connecting to the LAN
To ensure your ease of use and peace of mind, we will provide a network interface that is suitable for connection to your equipment.

Predictable costs
Ethernet solutions mean that you will only pay a fixed charge, irrespective of usage. This means budgeting and accounting is simplified and billing can be spread throughout the year.
Additional advantages
Our Ethernet services provide you with the opportunity to reduce the need for on-site servers at remote sites by using Ethernet leased lines to connect sites together. Regardless of where the host servers are located, applications and services can be provided from a single site to serve the entire network and include:

Bespoke data file transfers

Large data and email file transfers

Fast secure internet connections

CRM(customer relationship database)

Other business critical applications

This can enable easier management, greater efficiency and operational cost savings.


We have seen a 10 fold increase in the requirements for bandwidth over the last few years and that has pushed the traditional leased line technology to the limits of its capacity. The development of switching within the carrier backbones has significantly improved their capacity and speed, creating the Ethernet link capability. If you are looking for fast, large bandwidth capacity this is a simple effective product. If you have any questions on this, email me on

Matthew Wring, Technical Director

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